The BMW 850.

This V8 or V12 beast was only produced for 10 years, from 1989 - 1999, but was only available in the U.S. from 1991 - 1997.

This was the car that helped popularize some of the luxury items found in many cars today: remote keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, a power-tilt steering wheel and a 12 speaker stereo.

But upon it’s release, critics panned its performance. The engine was found to be sluggish, partly because the car was heavy, weighing in at 4100 pounds. 

Then, in 1994 the 850 finally got the tuning it deserved. The car pictured above, the BMW 850CSi was given the “M” treatment and after a makeover by Motorsport GmbH, the CSi’s engine became a finely-tuned 376hp, 5.6 liter V-12 beast.

And if you’re anything like me, seeing one of these - which I did yesterday - still prompts some nostalgia for one of the most uniquely-designed cars on the road.